Socket 2xSchuko with 3xUSB Logilink LPS262U 1,5m


Whether as an extension or as an option to connect more devices to the power, the LPS262U power strip from LogiLink allows you to do both. The 2 protective contact sockets are arranged at a 45° angle and thus facilitate the connection of angle plugs. In addition, the LPS262U has sockets with increased touch protection, a black and white textile cable and 3 USB-A ports for charging a smartphone, for example. Also special is the angled protective contact flat plug on the connection cable, because this fits ideally behind furniture or in other narrow places where normal plugs are too wide. With the multi-socket strip from LogiLink you gain a practical helper for every room, because thanks to the 1.5m cable length you now have even more leeway when placing your devices, whether at home or in the office.

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